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A CULTURE OF TRANSPARENCY at Global Health Youth Foundation

There’s an old saying that knowledge is power. That’s why transparency—or open access to information—is a key tenet that guides the work of the Global Health Youth Foundation Transparency is important not just for how citizens interact with powerful government and business interests, but also for organizations like ours that accept funding from a variety of donors. As Upton Sinclair once said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Understanding how an organization is funded helps observers to judge that organization’s independence.Without proper protections and transparency, donations could have undue influence on think tank research and policy recommendations.

How Global Health Youth Foundation Practices Transparency

That’s why Global Health Youth Foundation (GHYF) made the decision to be completely transparent about where its funding comes from, and how donations support the valuable work that we do.

For example:

  • Information about GHYF’s funders is available on our website. With just two clicks from our homepage, any visitor can view a spreadsheet with a specific breakdown of donations ranked by size, covering 85 percent of our fiscal year 2020 funding. The remaining 15 percent comes from many small donors. The spreadsheet includes the name of the donor, the amount donated, and the program goal supported. In a separate document, we list all of our funders, including individuals who donated to GHYF
  • Many organizations place donations from corporate foundations in a “foundations” category. GHYF categorizes these donations as “corporate” funding, an extra step towards transparency.
  • GHYF also observes transparency in our internal communications. Transparency guides interactions between accounting and our program staff. For example, we share our financial results and indirect costs freely throughout our organization. And our leadership displays appropriate transparency in communications to staff and the public around major institutional decisions—including financial decisions.

Transparency Matters for GHYF’s Reputation for Independence

Transparency supports one of GHYF’s core values: independence. At GHYF, we believe that our ability to achieve our mission depends on research and program work that rises above partisan politics, institutional or personal allegiances, or sources of financial support. When accepting donations, we convey to our partners and funders our strict commitment to unbiased judgment in our research findings.GHYF works closely with corporate partners and takes corporate donations in part because the private sector moves faster and can be quite influential with the public sector. But GHYF makes clear to funders that our work product cannot be changed or require sign off from a donor—the integrity of our research and our on-the- ground projects always comes first.GHYF prides itself on rigorous, independent analysis. Financial transparency helps reinforce our reputation. This candor ensures our credibility, and helps build trust for GHYF as an independent organization that works to “turn big ideas into action.”

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